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05:48:34 PM May 5th 2016
Point regarding the Oz entry I didn't add to the page because it doesn't entirely agree with the root: the books have referred to a number of good minor magic users. All of them heard about the law and promptly gave up practicing. This tends to ensure any bad magic users are unopposed until they run across the major characters mentioned and appear as the major villains of the books.
04:37:29 AM Jan 5th 2013
This page is a mess. Half or more the examples are either "Magic isn't Bad, but it's not a shining beacon of goodness either!" or "Magic is good, but fundamentalist Christians don't think so!" or something similar.

This trope needs cleaning up, but if that's done, it'll leave the page barren and with few examples. Thoughts?
07:02:55 PM Nov 9th 2013
We also need to clean out all the "Not so much Magic is Evil as Magic is a very destructive force that should be used carefully." That's not what this trope is about. This trope is about magic being a corrupting, often times unnatural force that its world would be better off without.
01:50:02 PM Jun 17th 2014
To be fair, the first thing that came to mind was a setting wherein people believed this was the case, but with magic itself being more or less "neutral" and capable of being used for good or bad. If this trope is supposed to be equating magic as a whole with, say, a Ring of Power or the One Ring, then we really need to clean up the page.
06:26:22 PM Aug 25th 2011
is there a contrast to this trope. like you know 'magic is good'
08:27:27 PM Aug 25th 2011
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