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03:47:29 AM Dec 10th 2010
I'm a little dubious on the Other Space entry having a partial plot summary when at best the others have vague capsule descriptions.

Not going to just maverick remove it on my own but, food for thought?
11:38:42 AM Dec 26th 2010
edited by ChibiKibou
I kind of agree.. in fact I'm going to cut it down to something comparable to the other entries.

Please, whoever put it in, feel free to make a trope page for Other Space. Hell, by the sound of it, Other Space deserves a page of its own. I know I'll be checking it out when I get back from this Christmas gathering.

For that matter, I think all these places deserve their own pages. MU*'s are one of the most dynamic storytelling forms around and appropriate pages should be really interesting to go through.

Have pasted original entry below, for reference:

  • OtherSpace: One of the longest-running MUSHes (online since 1998), OS is self-described as a space opera/science fantasy interactive saga. Notable for having had 17 game-wide story arcs (plus hundreds of more localized ones) and for being willing to completely alter the structure of the game in order to keep the story going: since 1998, the game has gone from being set several hundred years into the future, to being set on a spaceship full of refugees (yes, the whole game was on one ship. For a *year*.), to being a thousand years in the future, to having the universe crack and start to break around the players. During this time, wars have been fought; planets have been destroyed or otherwise made uninhabitable; systems have been ravaged; Jupiter got turned into a sun; and people have been Touched by Vorlons. Most recently, the universe broke, tossing people from every era another thousand years ahead. Other Space has something of a reputation for elitism, but this is just a side-effect of highly literate, enthusiastic roleplayers who desire quality in their RP; they're quite newbie-friendly. They have a wiki.
08:22:12 AM Mar 26th 2016
I know this is helluva late to the conversation, but do you really think so? Should we set up an index and everything? How does that work, I'm not very knowledgeable about how the procedures work around here. And I suspect many of these pages would be liable to sprout stuff that belongs in Tropers' Tales.
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