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06:42:01 PM Jun 27th 2014
Speed Racer (1967) is chock full of these.
02:05:26 AM Jun 28th 2014
Maybe, but without more detail we can't add it as an example.
12:54:20 PM Mar 29th 2013
Okay, can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP putting this on people for whom it doesn't fit? Names like Ironfist and Thundershield are TWO NOUNS. They are NOT Nounverbers. :(
01:16:43 PM Mar 29th 2013
First sentence of the description says that the exact noun-verber structure is not the only possible one. The trope is in the implication of the name — noun-noun or adjective-noun or whatever name it is conveys a meaning because they are real English words rather than, say, Elizabeth or Jones, which have no meaning outside being names.
01:56:58 PM Mar 29th 2013
Yeah, I read the description. It's still incredibly infuriating. I mean, style point for the trope name reference to Star Wars, but if it's going to apply to any surname that means thing aside from being just a name, "noun-verber" is non-indicative of what the trope actually is.
08:27:33 AM May 7th 2012
edited by Wolfzoon
"Weatherwax is probably a corruption of a similar-sounding Dutch name"

Wa? Dutch troper here has no clue what name this could ever refer to.

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