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07:41:04 PM Oct 4th 2017
Real life examples are one thing, but do we need to link to videos (or go "don't search this!" which probably has the opposite effect on some people)?
09:57:24 PM Mar 11th 2014
"it's pronounced "jibs", not "gibs" with a hard G sound."

Sorry, but this is just, like, someone's opinion, man! We can all accept the reasonable etymology that ties the origin of "gibs" to "giblets" (/ˈdʒɪblɨts/). That much is straightforward. What this trope entry's author fails to understand, however, is that this coinage propagated in WRITTEN form over the early English-language Internet, and the orthography of the English language is poorly phonemic and ambiguity exists in the pronunciation of "g" in a word like "gibs". Some languages have an official academy that decides, on the basis of etymology or other criteria, how to resolve such ambiguities, but not English. And thus the eternal debate over whether "gibs" is /dʒɪbs/ or /ɡɪbs/. It's only fair to say that this is a matter of personal taste. I happen to favor the hard g and have mostly heard the word pronounced this way in the United States. The hard g makes derived forms like "gibbage" and "gibbitude" (see the intertitle following Map E 4 M 8 in Doom) much more palatable. In summary, circumstances dictate that we teach the controversy, rather than favor one pronunciation over another.

01:03:10 AM Aug 12th 2013
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Someone changed all the the sub-entries on this page to regular ones; now the format is messed up and confusing to read. Why? Is there a way to rollback that entire change? Or am I missing something?
02:22:54 AM Aug 12th 2013
Someone tried to correct the bad Example Indentation that was going on but just removed levels instead of fixing them up properly. I'm working on correcting it, and will watchlist the page.
06:21:11 PM Aug 5th 2011
-looks at the Image Links page- Do that many images from the same game as the main image actually add anything? If you ask me, we could cut the lot.
09:14:49 PM Sep 23rd 2010
There exists a movie that features in its climax a scene portraying the villain getting his karmic death by way of this trope. I only saw the end, but they were at a soccer game, in the press box. The "hero" had fed the villain (or tricked him into eating) some sort of pill that expanded incredibly rapidly when it hit his stomach (I'm thinking cesium or something like it). A stunned look was all the bad guy could manage before coating the press box's windows with his innards.

For laughs, the "good guy" had an umbrella to keep himself clean. Does anybody have any idea what I'm talking about? I've searched for this movie for years, to no avail.
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