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09:25:11 AM Mar 11th 2015
I'm not sure Avatar should be on here. The OP seems to be relying on a lot of Fan-Preferred Couple and Ship Tease to draw pairings from, even though those couples never really competed with each other in canon.

The only canon ships in the show were Aang x Katara, Zuko x May, Sokka x Yue, and Sokka x Suki. And even if the case of the latter two there was no Love Triangle, because Yue died before Suki and Sokka got together.
11:35:29 AM May 20th 2013
"All the while, Dawn has a crush on Xander, and they eventually date, but not before Buffy confesses she now has feelings for Xander as well."

Whoa! This didn't happen on the show I watched. Dawn never dated Xander and Buffy's crush was because of a love spell in one episode. If this happened, it was in comic books, not on the TV show.
08:10:41 PM May 14th 2013
I thought I created this term...

11:47:30 PM Jan 9th 2013
How-come Dawn's crush on Spike is always forgotten on this site?
09:56:03 PM Feb 22nd 2012
"Princess Azula is, by Word Of God, attracted to Zuko, but for several reasons nothing came of it. She also attempts to hook up with a boyfriend, but can't pull it off. Ty Lee also feels a one-sided Romantic Two-Girl Friendship for Azula, but Azula cannot comprehend such strange things as "friendship" and "love."

I would really like to see some sort of source for the claim that this is Word of God. Anyone know where it came from?
05:11:39 PM Jun 27th 2010
In Sailor Moon, since when did Sapphire love Emerald? Did the quoted commenter invent that to complete the chain, or is it in the dub (judging by the use of dub names)?
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