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12:33:08 AM May 17th 2013
I have a work that was written in 1986 but published in 1997. Would that go under 80's or 90's literature?
01:04:50 AM May 17th 2013
I'd put it under 90's literature, since that's when readers would have seen it as, but you could bring it up in Ask The Tropers for a more informed opinion.
04:40:10 AM May 17th 2013
Also What Index(es) does this go on? for the actual thread.
01:28:55 PM May 18th 2013
Much obliged.
04:31:29 PM Sep 29th 2012
Can we add a rule that says it can't be a fricking web-only thing, or a "light novel?" (You can call them "light novels" if you insist. They're video games, just with some extra depth-of-story.)

Maybe a rule to the effect of "if you can't find it on the shelves at a bookstore in a format that does not rely on pictures to tell the story, it is not literature."

I'm deeeeeeeeeeeply tired of moving "light novels" out of Literature. And just as tired of moving the Whately Universe from Literature to Web Original.
12:31:40 AM Sep 30th 2012
The Web Original namespace has been discontinued; please don't add to it. Other than fanfics, stories published on the web do go in Literature/ per this Wiki Talk thread.
01:40:44 PM Sep 13th 2012
How about the Museum of Thieves by Australian author Lian Tanner?
01:41:10 PM Sep 13th 2012
The Keepers Trilogy?
11:37:11 AM Mar 10th 2010
Hey, how about adding Dramatic Literature and Realistic Life Literature? (or Realistic Fiction, or whatever you want to call it when the story is about a person's everyday life portrayed realistically)

At least drama. That's a pretty broad category. But there's lots of realistic life fiction as well. A lot of books are specifically about a chracter's life and the everyday things that happen, or realistically depict real life details.