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05:34:54 AM Jan 8th 2013
I'm wondering about Merlin titles that actually come from Arthurian sources. Do they not count as this because they're adaptations of the same story, or is Merlin distinct enough from, say, The Idylls of the King that it's worth putting "The Coming of Arthur" under Tennyson?
10:46:49 AM Jun 24th 2012
edited by DaibhidC
Do we have a policy for when the most likely reference isn't the original? Because having everything called "Prometheus Unbound" listed under Aeschylus and Shelley (as I've just noticed we do) seems inelegent.
06:32:29 AM May 19th 2011
edited by dementia13
Should the "George Harrison" and "Lennon-McCartney" folders be combined into a single "Beatles" folder?
08:31:47 AM Jun 14th 2010
Removed a folder:
    Joseph Mc Carthy  
  • "Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been", episode of Angel (repeated question in House Committee on Un-American Activities hearings)

... because I'm fairly sure Senator McCarthy wasn't asking questions at hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee. The episode title is clearly part of the trope, but not under this folder title; I'm moving it here so we can figure out what to do with it.
11:49:15 AM Jun 14th 2010
Hmm... good point.

I can't find a good online database of congressional transcripts, but in the 1947 HUAC hearings that the Angel episode is presumably referring to, it seems to have been repeatedly asked by Robert Stripling (the chief investigator for the committee, who's apparently so obscure he doesn't have a wikipedia article—he was a staffer, not a member of the House). I can't find any source that's earlier than that, so I'm putting it back under his name, at least for now...
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