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01:49:04 PM Sep 28th 2014
Is there a name for when the audience leaves because the guy who just came on stage has bad reputation? I can think of a few real life instances where someone at the UN general assembly left because a dictator or some other "great enemy" was given right of speech.
02:55:46 PM Sep 28th 2014
I can think of Leaving Audience covering that as well. For a more specific trope you ought to ask in Lost and Found.
08:25:14 PM Jun 12th 2011
Moving this example here because it is doesn't give a specific example.

  • Fourth Wall example: In internet-based fiction, the characters will tell a particularly bad joke or pun. One character will hear a click sound and wonder what it was. The other character will say it's the readers clicking out of the window.
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