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02:39:28 AM Dec 3rd 2012
More examples incoming, but don't know how to process them. But here are they:

Example explosion:

Plus: Bioshock Infinite, Cover
06:12:59 AM Nov 3rd 2012
From the trope description: "Generally it symbolises that the character in question is really, really pissed, and the person they're looking at is really, really screwed."

Generally, but not always. I've seen this used in two other ways: by defiant underdogs who are trapped or cornered (who are pissed, but the guy they're looking at isn't necessarily screwed); and seductively (particularly by women who are affecting a bad-girl posture—see Michelle Rodriguez).

One example of the former, off the top of my head, is Sheridan while under interrogation in the Babylon 5 episode "Intersections in Real Time". I know I've seen other examples involving captives who are refusing to "talk" or cooperate, basically showing that they're ready to endure the worst for it.

As for seductiveness, I know there are other examples besides Michelle as well—and sometimes I've seen this in real life too.

12:10:17 AM May 7th 2012
The Chris-Chan example really doesn't need to be here. We're not on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
12:40:02 AM Aug 18th 2010

Okay, I don't remember what's happening in that scene to make that example better. We need it to be something like, "Kim Possible gives this look to (whoever) because of (whatever)" or something like that.
01:24:03 PM Feb 17th 2011
I know it's old, but how about this?

Kim Possible is meant to be the hero of the titler TV show. However, The Movie has her go through one long Break the Cutie process. Upon confronting the man responsible we get this. Suddenly the not so heroic looking Kim starts kicking his ass.
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