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06:07:20 AM Jan 2nd 2015
Removed as off-topic - gamebooks don't have GMs:
  • The Lone Wolf series of gamebooks by Joe Dever absolutely counts as written by a KGM. The second volume is especially infamous as it can result in, among other things, an Unwinnable situation because a key item was stolen from you and never recovered, and an instant death outcome because you didn't fetch a magical weapon (which ITSELF can become an instadeath situation because fetching it puts you against one of the strongest enemies in the book with no warning whatsoever). And that's just two of the many, many deaths you can experience in the average Lone Wolf book. The sheer amount of BAD ENDS in this series is staggering, and the enemies you meet in the later books can be absurd, to say the least (the Chaos-Master and the Ruel Giganites come to mind).

05:46:36 AM Jan 3rd 2015
And by the way, a battle - even one you will likely lose - is by definition not instadeath.