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05:36:02 PM Aug 18th 2010
Has anyone else noticed that the first game appears to be based off the Cuban Revolution? Let me elaborate:

San Espirito: Cuba

Mendoza is a dictator running an oppressive, Capitalist Dictatorship: Batista was a Dictator, running Cuba when it was an oppressive Capitalist Dictatorship

The Agency is trying to overthrow the Dictatorship: The CIA tried to overthrow the newly established government in Cuba after the Revolution.

Guerrillas succeed in overthrowing the Dictatorship: Guerrilla forces succeeded in overthrowing the Dictatorship.

Rico Rodriguez, hero of the Revolution, is not native to the country, leaves to conduct further revolutions after San Espirito, is pictured on the box cover looking off into the distance at an angle and is incredibly badass: Che Guevara, albeit Rico is more of an action hero than Che.

Jose, leader of the rebels, is being held in prison for his attempt at revolution: Fidel Castro.

Esperanza, who has a vital role in the revolution, is the sibling of Jose who is leading the guerrillas: Raul Castro

One mission involves destroying a train: One of the climactic battles of the Revolution involved derailing a train.

The threat of nuclear missiles in the country could potentially trigger a massive war: Cuban Missile Crisis.

Also, I'd like to point out that Panau is quite obviously North Korea. I just think all of this should be brought up on the page, but I'm not sure as to what trope it would fit under. Can anyone think of one?
07:35:26 PM May 18th 2011
For the first one, maybe:
  • Inspired by...: The first game has several parallels to the Cuban Revolution. For example, Rico is a loose stand-in for Che Guevara; compare the first game's box art (above) with this famous picture of Che.

As for the second, I'd like some examples of how Panau stands in for North Korea, although I don't doubt you.
09:47:21 PM Apr 20th 2010
Help me out, fellow Tropers. In one of the cutscenes in the first game, we see Sheldon working intently on a laptop. The camera pans over his reveal him playing Just Cause. Would that count as Breaking the Fourth Wall or another trope? Based on my cursory inspection of Fourth Wall tropes, none of them really seemed to fit.
04:02:40 PM Apr 23rd 2010
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