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03:30:16 PM Sep 11th 2013
Can we change the title to Monologuing?
09:20:21 PM Nov 2nd 2011
Does anyone know where I can find a video or sound clip of the page quote?
02:39:58 AM Jul 8th 2011
edited by MorganWick
Not sure what this has to do with the trope, as it's really a different trope entirely:
  • In a 1984 issue of Green Lantern, an Air Force bad guy is sliced up by the villain Predator because he was trying to destroy Ferris Aircraft and the Predator's "employers" wanted said bad guy stopped. Bleeding and dying, he stumbles out of his office and into the arms of a female officer. He tells her that there is proof in his office wall safe that Hal Jordan is Green Lantern, and she should "tell everyone". He then dies in her arms. The woman is Diana Prince, who of course already knows who Green Lantern is.
06:17:35 AM May 13th 2010
Do we have a trope where the killer confesses to the detective after poisoning the detective, only to find out later that the detective was faking being poisoned, and has either taped or has hidden witnesses to the entire conversation? I recall 2 examples. -: Poirot. (I think it is the TV adaptation of Sad Cypress). Poirot pretends to drink some tea, then fakes becoming faint and hot. -: Columbo (Rest in peace Mrs. Columbo). Columbo eats some marmalade at "his" house with the murderer (that she gave him, and which is supposed to have killed Mrs. Columbo), then he starts feeling faint and hot (tugs at his collar). The murderer starts gloating. We then find out Columbo has set up the whole thing (the original marmalade jar was poisoned, but this is a different jar, it isn't his house, and Mrs. Columbo is still alive).
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