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A Carlssin: Is the quote from Watchmen really famous? Because otherwise it's a spoiler.

Seven Seals: To comic readers, all of Watchmen should be famous, and it's twenty years old. It's mighty spoiling to people who haven't read Watchmen yet, especially since it gives away the villain. This is the old discussion of when something should be hidden as a spoiler; if you have to hide the entire example behind a tag there's not much point to having it, and when can you consider something ubiquitous enough not to need spoilers?

Ununnilium: It's the most surprising line of the climactic scene of the book. I'd spoiler it even if it had been out for fifty years.

Arilou: Jon Irenicus from BG 2 should probably be up there as an aversion: "You warrant no Villain's Exposition from me..." and all that.

Mr Death: Took out the following, because it really has nothing to do with the trope:

Yes, it was used, but it was referring to something entirely different.

  • Subverted in Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, Kyle Katarn is soposed to destroy a shield generator but he is stoped by Galek Fyyar, who goes off on a monologue, during which, Kyle Katarn throws his lightsaber at the shield generator and destroys it.

This isn't a subversion at all; it just seems like a straight instance of the trope.

  • The film adaptation of LA Confidential has Jack Vincennes reveal to Dudley Smith everything he's figured out about the case so far, including a tangential connection to Dudley. He then mentions that he hasn't told Ed Exley about this yet, and is promptly shot. Justified, as that connection really wasn't enough to suspect Dudley himself of any wrongdoing.

This isn't really an example of this trope. It's more Have You Told Anyone Else?.