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04:06:50 PM Apr 22nd 2012
This example looks like shoehorning:

* Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann touches on this only briefly, and it's even slightly subverted. Compare Lazengann with Gurren Lagann and you'll notice the former has a single horn (hence Kabutomushi) and the latter has two (hence Kuwagatamushi). It's subverted in that Gurren Lagann's "horns" are really the circlet of what used to be Viral's helmet, which was fragmented... before Kamina stole it. This is most evident when Lazengann and Gurren Lagann lock horns in battle.
** Also notable is that Gurren Lagann's primary color is red, and Lazengann's primary color is blue (well, under certain lighting at least). One of the chief distinctions between Simon and Lordgenome is that the latter forgot how to be Hot-Blooded.

For one thing, Not a Subversion. And another, is that the Lazengann isn't really blue.
08:41:33 AM Feb 10th 2011
How is type C a trope? If it's a coincidence it's not a storytelling convention, it's PSOC.
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