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08:52:45 PM Dec 30th 2012
I realize that Stirling probably didn't create the character of Helmut Mittler until after "Island in the Sea of Time" was completed. But when he cropped up in the later books, I found myself wondering why, when the council and all were looking at likely sources of trouble in "Island," nobody had thought to mention the ex-Nazi.... A case of First Installment Weirdness, perhaps?
09:22:36 PM Oct 30th 2011
It's just me or making the proto-english from alba the main (and so far in the second book as I am) the only allies and accepted culture in Nantucket a little bit forced. Surely, some indians would also be willing to assimilate and live among the americans, and other cultures still. It seems more obvious with the whole "our diseases kill indians but not proto-celts"; after 3000 years, the american diseases should have wipes out a equally large amount of natives.
10:28:21 PM Jun 25th 2010
Is "Island in the Sea of Time" the official name for that Sterling series (you know, the one that shifts Nantucket back in time, infrastructure & all), the name of a book in the series, or the sole name for it? Or is it just a very popular Fan Nickname?

It makes a difference. The name is very useful for a series title, and if it's the best we have, we need to move this. But if there's another series title, this is an even better name for the trope "chunk from one history is neatly placed into another by Alien Space Bats."
12:19:56 AM Jun 26th 2010
edited by FlyingV
According to the other wiki it's the name of the first book in a trilogy.

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01:02:21 PM Jun 26th 2010
Someone should go through, fix up all the wicks.
03:09:00 PM Jul 14th 2010
Doing what I can...
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