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07:22:02 AM Dec 6th 2010
edited by alexvoda
Arguably neither artifacts from Mahou Sensei Negima! are true invisibility cloaks.

Kaedes artifact, Tengu no Kakuremino, is something more of a hyperspace/dimensional portal. It may actually be a form of teleportation in the Magic World as it was canceled by CoLM, in which case it would simply imply a relocate spell from the "storage place" of the cloak to the current location.

Natsumis artifact, Adiutor Solitarius, is more of a Somebody Else's Problem field as they are not trully invisible, just unnoticeable(I wonder if a video camera would negate it's effect, or if the effect would spread to the image on the screen, like in one of those optical ilusion pictures where you simply don't notice part of the content). For refference: [1]

Arguably both are more awesome than a simple invisibility cloak, as Chisame explains above for the second artifact.

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08:48:10 PM Oct 17th 2010
Camoflage — not an invisibility cloak.

  • Probably inspired by Lord of the Rings, D&D also has a magic item called a Cloak of Elvenkind, that acts as camouflage, and makes it easier for the wearer to hide. It is an order of magnitude cheaper than a ring of invisibility.

There are also the elven cloaks given to the members of the Fellowship. They don't actually turn the character invisible; instead, they meld with the surroundings in an inconspicuous way (e.g. the cloak becomes a stone in rocky terrain).
  • The way they are described by the elves sounds like extremely sophisticated camouflage, rather than explicitly magical chameleon powers.
08:47:35 PM Oct 17th 2010
Not an exmaple - Somebody Else's Problem

  • In the Deathgate Cycle there are spells that don't exactly make people and objects invisible, but people cannot see them unless they are specifically looking for that person or object.
    • Which would be an SEP field, not this trope.

08:46:29 PM Oct 17th 2010
Does not turn people invisible — not an example.

  • My Immortal: Ebony and "Vampire" Potter have what is apparently the lamest invisibility cloak ever, as people can see it. Apparently people can't see whether there's anyone under it, but effectively they are still just wandering around with a sheet over their heads.
    • Possibly because the Invincibility Coke is neither a cloak nor is it supposed to make you make you invisible. It also didn't help that it started to meow the second they put it on.
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