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04:00:11 AM Jul 16th 2013
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"On Night Court, the cast was given a modified intelligence test, and Bull Shannon scored 181, higher than anybody else in the court. He promptly noted that he was holding the paper upside down..."

In the series, Bull did show some surprising insights, problem-solving capabilities, and deep understanding of facts and figures. He was also very much an innocent, lacked huge amounts of common sense, and his weird leaps of logic worked against him far more often than for him. But you wouldn't like him when he was angry -and hurting his friends tended to make him angry.
06:10:34 PM Mar 28th 2011
Gihren Zabi has 240 IQ. Whether it is propaganda or not, no, he was evaluated as such before the Zabi's reigned supreme. Though he did become quite stupid before his downfall.
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