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03:46:29 AM Dec 5th 2011
If this is an example, needs a total re-write. Not a matter of being averted: the circumstances that almost always lead to this trope are not clear. Most probably there are no aversions to this trope. An aversion is much more specific than "doesn't occur".

  • Buffythe Vampire Slayer: Buffy will stand against the vampires, demons and forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. Also averted, most of the time: it's generally stated that the only reason the Buffy has survived so much longer than the average Slayer is that she has her friends and family to look out for her. Played straight for a few isolated battles ( Angelus at the end of season 2, for example) but on the whole, the message of the show is that I Work Alone is going to get you killed.
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