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05:16:06 AM Mar 17th 2016
The John Carter entry contains what is considered a rather flawed fan theory posited as most plausible explanation that he is an amnesic Martian. First off, the differences between him and other Martians are noted in the first book, second his Earthly physiology makes him stronger and nearly invincible on Mars which wouldn't be possible if he was a Martian in the first place.
09:14:07 AM Jun 26th 2012
I'd be careful about interpreting bipedalism as any sort of support for humanoid aliens. Bipedal creatures (extinct and living) on Earth range from dinosaurs, to humans, to flightless birds, to preying mantises.
04:31:56 PM Mar 2nd 2014
Mantises are quadrupeds.
06:12:29 AM Jun 29th 2011
Can a DC fan confirm if Thanagarians (Hawkgirl) naturally have wings or not? Because if they do the example needs to be removed.

And also is Galactus always a lot larger? Because I think if there's a large size difference, then it doesn't count either
08:56:15 PM Sep 20th 2010
The trope says Goku wasn't supposed to be an alien originally. Does that mean he didn't have a tail, or what was the deal with that?
04:53:47 PM Feb 24th 2011
D&D basically provided an explanation for their human non-humans (halflings, dwarves, elves, half elves, etc.) by calling them 'demihumans'.
09:12:45 AM Jun 26th 2012
The original Dragonball manga was much less serious about itself, and Goku was just a random monkey boy with great martial arts skills (like the "Journey into the West" Monkey King from Chinese mythology). They added the "alien" connection later on.
04:32:34 PM Mar 7th 2010
Aren't humans on any planet other than Earth technically aliens by definition? I mean, if you went to Mars and met a some Martians, they would be native life forms and you would be the alien.
04:54:44 PM Mar 7th 2010
Not for the purposes of this trope. This is basically about convergent evolution.
04:32:46 PM Mar 2nd 2014
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