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11:45:25 PM Jun 6th 2012
I'm assuming people have seen the Saints trailer for Absolution... no tropes added?
12:42:38 AM Sep 18th 2011
"One of the assassins towards the end of Blood Money, should you wind up alone with her, will trigger a cutscene in which she leaps on top of you and stabs you to death while shrieking insanely. Instant Game Over. As there's no way to stop this once the scene triggers, it also manages to turn into Paranoia Fuel, as you try to deal with her WITHOUT the scene going off..."

Uh, do you mean the singer in "Heaven", the Senator stabbing Bird in New Orleans or even Syringey Skullbutt in Pornographer's Mountain? Because I have replayed this game a little too extensively and the only cutscene involves the syringe... Could someone please elaborate?
01:58:23 PM Sep 18th 2011
edited by Grimace
I think they're referring to this (yup, the one in the Heaven and Hell mission):
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