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09:52:30 PM Apr 23rd 2012
Wow, this article already uses the right quote. I was about to suggest it use the Boondocks quote.
09:59:11 PM Dec 9th 2011
I'm not against the brony community (I am one, FYI), but does it seem like we're almost doing a hostile takeover of the page images? Call me crazy, but I don't really see the image actually demonstrating hilarity ensuing - hell, I don't think it needs a page image at all, considering it's a more of a written trope than a visible one.
09:34:25 AM Dec 19th 2011
The takeover is a problem, but not the problem. The problem is that the image was added without discussion, which I think may be against the rules now.
07:34:34 PM May 2nd 2011
I wonder if this could count in the quest descriptions for some games. Fable 3 came to mind for me when you end the quest to return an idol to a gnome enthusiast and bring all his gnomes to life. The quest completed dialogue reads something along the lines of "You helped bring a garden full of gnomes to life. This couldn't possibly have negative future consequences!"
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