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12:11:15 AM Dec 29th 2012
The Megas XLR section says Coop is incompetent while he seems to be competent at everything except judging importance and realizing priorities.
03:31:57 AM Apr 9th 2011
This comparison is very strange: there is no comparision, only a statement about Hero with an F in Good. Replaced it with what appears to be a key difference.

02:19:23 AM Nov 26th 2010
How does this differ from Anti-Hero?
09:53:14 AM Nov 27th 2010
edited by FrodoGoofballCoTV
The Anti-Hero is simply a hero who doesn't fit the standard mold of The Cape, Knight in Shining Armor, etc., but is still a hero nonetheless. The Hero with an F in Good is a character who wants to be a hero, but isn't, due to their own moral shortcomings. Sometimes, the Hero with an F in Good gets promoted to Anti-Hero.
09:35:44 AM Oct 21st 2010
New page quote, or remove spoiler tag.
12:18:33 PM Oct 21st 2010
edited by FrodoGoofballCoTV
Maybe the this is more to the point:
We'd love to have you on the team, Bender. But aren't you more on the supply side of crime?
- Leela, Futurama
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