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08:45:30 AM Jan 7th 2014
Hey, didn't there used to be a panel from FoxTrot on this page? What happened to it? Maybe I'm thinking of something else...
11:17:53 PM Aug 21st 2012
The self demonstration sucked so bad it hurt my eyes, although I assume that was the point.
12:31:49 AM Sep 2nd 2012
Also the "This Troper" backwards was hilarious, I have a feeling the person that wrote that didn't read the article that stated that most people can read words fairly easily if 1. the first and last letter are in the right place 2. that their is the right amount of the right letters and no wrong letters. This results in the first name of the sue in question being read in a fairly strait forward way, its a relatively common word spelled properly "Report". Reading the last name however, while easy, leads to thinking of something that people with manners probably wouldn't admit to thinking about, at least without being asked.
12:11:35 AM Dec 14th 2010
Wait, how is this not a perfectly valid trope?