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Her Code Name Was Mary Sue launched as Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue": From YKTTW

Working Title: Her Code Name Was Mary Sue: From YKTTW

  • This troper is surprised that this page has not yet made any mention of "Doug" and the many different alter-egos that he writes about, including his most well known "Quail Man".

They don't really fall into this; they're not usually Mary Sues.

Ethereal Mutation: I would argue that they are, but considering that they're just his own fantasies and there's nothing that suggests he ever tried making a proper story out of any of them (at least in the Nickelodeon version; never watched the Disney one), it isn't really this trope in action.

Red Shoe: I am quite ashamed to mention that, after reading a sci-fi adventure with The Puppetmasters and Evolutionary Levels that I'd written the summer after my junior year of college, my mom's first reaction was, "How many times do you plan on killing your roommate?"

Inkblot: The article is confusing. If Writer A writes a show with Character B in it, and Character B writes a novel with Character C in it, is Character C a Mary Sue of the real writer, or the fictional one?

Kimiko Muffin: I think it would do well to have an actual description of the trope, rather than merely being a parodic example, but I think that the idea is that it is a Mary Sue of the fictional writer, and the real writer knows it (and plays it for laughs).

Ethereal Mutation: I think I'll move the "self demonstrating" story to a folder and make a real description. For a simple concept, the main article text is just flat out too long.

GG Crono: Long, yes, but amusing, and it does demonstrate the trope rather beautifully. I vote to change it back. ...but I'm just one man with one opinion. I won't do it myself.

Yoshi348: I'm wanting to agree, but then again I like the "because there's fanfiction of everything" line.

Mr Wednesday: I have to say it preferred the fan fiction as the main description. It may be a little long, but I thought we valued entertainment highly enough to discount that here.

pagad: Having self-demonstrating and plain versions is better than nixing the self-demonstrating one entirely, surely? I've got to admit to originally not knowing what the trope really was, but in hindsight the self-demonstrating one becomes much funnier. Having a clear, plain description beneath is beneficial, I'd argue, even if it's in a folder.