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06:57:16 PM Jan 16th 2014
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Is there a reason this page is Red Linked? It isn't on the Permanent Redlink Club page, linking to it from another page displays like this: Green Aesop.
09:17:42 PM Jan 16th 2014
It's a bug fixable by a null edit.
09:54:37 AM Mar 4th 2013
Excuse me, but why is the picture caption labeled as a False Dichotomy?
06:50:39 PM Nov 2nd 2010
edited by TheNoun
... I can't be the only one who feels this page is just a tad bit too negative, right?
08:49:31 AM Nov 21st 2010
You're not, but for whatever reason it's one of those very few things it's okay to openly mock on this wiki. Like Twilight. Or Manos.
03:16:35 PM Apr 13th 2011
One problem is when it says "This was especially common in kids' cartoons from the '90s, and is becoming more so in adult shows nowadays, as climate change and other issues become political buzzwords.

This can unfortunately come off as incredibly preachy, especially given how many of the exact same messages we've seen numerous times, sometimes leading this to become a bit of a Pet Peeve Trope."

There is an obvious inconsistency here. KIDS' cartoons. The KIDS may not have heard the exact same messages before - because they're KIDS. If a kids' cartoon today teaches an Aesop that a kids' cartoon fifteen years ago also taught, it's not redundant or repetitive to the target audience (unless they happen to have DV Ds of the old show that came out before they were born). If something was made for adults that taught the exact same message as something that all of them watched as kids, that might be repetitive, but the very same quoted article section illustrates that the message ISN'T the same. Captain Planet was often about littering and water pollution; stuff today is often about climate change. That's a different (though obviously related) message.
09:17:15 AM Oct 27th 2010
Why is there no picture? We really need a picture of the one who is going to take "pollution down to zero." <
10:12:12 PM Jun 16th 2010
  • He also misses the point, utterly and completely, like most people who critique Green Aesops. The point is not that magic causes pollution, the point, said several times by multiple characters, was that it is wrong to kill a million-year-old forest to make paper or drill for oil or whatever you want to do. That if say oil drilling is that important, maybe we should, you know, try something else. But that won't ever be suggested because, and this is why his "critique" fails it, in the end it is people like Walker who scoff at the idea of environmentalism who also refuse to even try and conserve and save the evironment. It is simply cheaper to ignore the poblem and laugh at Captain Planet comics than to realize you, yes you, are the problem and the solution. And he never will, nor will any of the people who fill up pages like this with "LOL nature is gay!LOLOLOL!" or the equivalent snarks. It's simply easier to laugh at nature than save it, to call enviromentalism stupid and wrong than listen for a moment. But hey, when the ocean level rises a few feet, maybe then they wont think it's funny...billions with die and starve, whole species will be extinct, and several countries and cultures will vanish, but Doug Walker will finally find some reason to enjoy Fern-fucking-guully!

Cutting this from the main article, because it's complaining about the Nostalgia Critic in the middle of the article.

01:08:47 PM Apr 22nd 2014
Not to mention, the person whining obviously missed that the Critic likes works that uses Green Aesops subtly and with respect. His problem isn't with the message itself, his problem is that the Green Aesop is often overused, preachy, and, most importantly, grossly oversimplified.
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