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05:39:46 PM Sep 23rd 2013
The Hunchback of Notre Dame example (Disney version) doesn't seem like an example to me, since it only addresses an underdress. Any thoughts?
07:38:14 PM Sep 23rd 2013
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The example itself doesn't address anything beyond the underdress, but a more careful examination of the scene might provide additional details.

edit after watching the scene: No such information presented itself, and in fact the moment described in the existing example is less than conclusive even insofar as the underdress is concerned than the example makes it sound. Removing non-example now.
10:34:26 PM Jul 20th 2011
Before I go on a deletion spree, can I get confirmation that "commando" is NOT "braless"?
07:32:35 PM May 8th 2012
As I understand, the term refers only to underpants as such, so being braless is not itself an instance of the trope. However, because of frequent overlaps with Vapor Wear, the lack of a bra may still be worth mentioning in instances where both are missing, possibly with a pothole to the latter trope.
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