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12:03:01 PM Sep 6th 2017
The Supernatural episode that the article mentions, the one about the urban legend becoming reality.. which one was it?
12:09:37 PM Sep 6th 2017
Pretty sure it's the one with the tulpa from the first season. Quick google tells me the episode name is S01 e17: "Hell House"
12:40:53 PM May 14th 2014
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Not only was the deletion of pretty much the entire Christianity/Judaism section warranted, the accusation of it all being "apologist nonsense" comes off as unwarranted especially since the current entry is worded very passive aggressively, describing God as a Clingy Jealous Guy (the verse means jealous as in "jealous like if you found out your partner was cheating on you.")

Lastly, the trope is about gods needing prayer to function, needing prayer as a lifeforce. The second definition of "gods demanding prayer even if they don't need it" runs counter to the trope's name and to the laconic.
12:52:02 PM May 14th 2014
No its not warranted. I think if you bother to read your Bible that's exactly what the God of the Old Testament was like. Stating aversions to the trope are not tropes in or of themselves. So this is all an admission that "This is a disclaimer. This doesn't belong"

And no, don't be ridiculous, on the subject of WANT or NEED which is playing semantics Tucker. I'm so fed up of this counterproductive banter.
01:02:38 PM May 14th 2014
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If we were to go with your definition of "gods demanding prayer anyway even if they don't need it", then it would encompass pretty much every example of prayer to gods in media ever, and thus dilute this trope's definition of prayer as lifeforce. If you like to, you can make a separate trope for that.

Even if the God of the Old Testament can be read as a clingy jealous guy as you claim, it doesn't justify posting inflammatory statements like that where a ton of Christians and Jews on this wiki are sure to read it and spark a flame war. This wiki has a neutrality policy for a reason.

09:42:56 PM Oct 14th 2013
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Has anyone considered the name, "Living on a Prayer"? I realize it's a bit late for this trope, what with already having a name and all, but maybe someone's got a sister trope or something in mind, yet to be launched? (Honestly, I think it's Perfect.)
04:15:24 AM Oct 15th 2013
To me, that sounds like the name for a trope about ascetic monks or the like.
12:04:58 PM Oct 27th 2010
I propose delete "•The Nameless Ones in Ursula Le Guin's The Tombs of Atuan" IIRC they were Sealed Evil in a Can. The rituals were to keep the old ones inside the eponymous Tombs.
05:30:54 AM Sep 17th 2010
"Any religion that states that non-believers are punished."

I don't understand that quotation. I fail to see the logic. Just because a belief in a religion states that everyone should be a worshiper doesn't mean that the deity is dependent on said worshiping.

I think it should be removed, but I don't want to do it without saying something here first.
06:54:27 AM Jun 28th 2010
The Tabletop RPG example for Scion is a non-sequitor. Frankly, Scion averts this trope- the Gods don't need mortal worship at all; their legend ratings are actually their standings amongst themselves, not with regards to mortals. In fact, the Gods have hidden themselves away from Mortals to avoid being bound by Fate, soemthing that occurs when any mortal, worshiper or not, encounters displays of divine power.
07:14:04 AM Nov 24th 2012
iIsn't a God's legend tied to Fate? And isn't Fate simply the manifestation of humanity's collective narrative impulse?
05:36:44 PM Jun 20th 2010
This page needs folders. Someone who knows how to do it, please do.
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