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08:36:25 AM Apr 24th 2017
edited by Vampyricon
I don't understand why Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment applies here. I'd understand if this were applied to solutions to global warming since it's a political/social issue. But it is already mentioned in the text that the science has been settled. Data shows a strong correlation between atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and temperatures. The facts are not in dispute. We don't have the same caution for evolutionary theory or Flat World. Why do we have it for this?
01:12:15 PM Aug 19th 2011
WALL-E Totally needs to be added as an example
01:44:11 PM Nov 15th 2011
WALL-E was less global warning and more Trash of the Titans, at least explicitly.
02:24:03 AM Dec 1st 2010
I don't know how exactly do that but it would be worth mentioning that the cause and exact shape of climat changes tend to be controversial topic. I find many people studying technical-but-not-directly-related subject sceptical about human caused climat changes. It also included some people I met from directly related (solar cycles) areas (although underlining that he is not specialist and this is complex issue he is not specialised in).

I am not sure how to do it under Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment so I post it on forum that it might be benefitial to mention the controversy (stating that the human-cause global warming is consensus among climatologies). The sceptics are at least cultural phenomena.
09:58:59 AM Jul 28th 2011
It looks like in America, sceptical views are mostly cultural phenomena.
Let's look at an example at Albany University's site. So, the Important side in the incident was: "there was nothing heroic about exposing Blondlot. The American was a spy for the British in the continuing chauvinistic science of Europeans. It was the British and the Germans against the French, and the French lost points in this exchange." What's left as the Unimportant side: whether N-Rays do exist. The current second link on the front page: "Careers Built on UAlbany Atmospheric Sciences Quality & Opportunities". No comment. :]
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