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09:57:12 PM Feb 8th 2013
"**** Of course, John the Revelator was [[ Good Omens reportedly ]] [[ What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs? rather fond of strange mushrooms ]]..."

Removed this. This has nothing to do with the trope "Flaming Sword", and it's a comment containing a reference to a modern (fiction) book, in an entry discussing the Bible's use of the Flaming Sword trope.
06:30:12 PM Feb 10th 2011
edited by KilloZapit
Not to nitpick, but on the subject of body horror mentioned in the article, wouldn't a flaming sword cauterize the wounds it makes, leading to much less blood letting?
09:54:04 PM Feb 8th 2013
With actual flame, it would go beyond cauterizing all the way to first, second, and third degree burns.