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12:43:56 AM Jul 24th 2016
For consideration: the second Novell "I'm a PC/Mac/Linux" ad. PC and Mac are showing off their new leather jacket (Vista) and leopard-print shirt (Leopard), with their beginning repartee interrupted by random people showing up to hand Linux a new tailored jacket and sunglasses. (In PC's words, "And people just share that stuff with you?") On the one hand, the person who's visible doing this is a woman whose attitude is all business and the trope isn't clearly present in this individual commercial. On the other hand, Linux is the one being portrayed as an attractive young woman, the previous commercial ended with an ambiguous "you sure grew up fast" comment, and she's responding to the gifts with the appropriate oh-thank-you-that's-nice-but-so-expected-I-barely-notice-it attitude.
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