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07:35:29 PM Dec 29th 2011
Does anyone know if the Laugh that Skull Virus makes in Independence Day has an official name? I know I've heard it in other places.
12:58:28 AM May 24th 2011
I believe the accompanying picture should be of The Joker from Batman, as he's a better and more recognizable example.
05:37:01 AM Aug 4th 2011
The picture needs to be changed, all right. It looks like whoever it is is just having a nervous breakdown.

For such an iconic and common trope it's strange if we can't do better.
11:36:19 PM Jan 22nd 2011
I prefer the older pic.
09:39:49 AM Feb 12th 2011
edited by CrimsonKnight
Agreed. What was the reason for changing the picture? The old one was just fine.

Besides, I believe there's another trope page with this same picture.
07:07:36 PM Jul 9th 2011
I don't remember the old picture, but this one is just a face and a caption.
03:35:09 PM Jul 29th 2010
The Prisoner.

Hey there! Wonder how long it's been since this was written and you came around. Anyways, there was an entry for the aforementioned series:

  • The Prisoner. The intro would have Nš 2 issuing an evil laughter.
    The Prisoner: I'm not a number! I'm a free man!''
    Number 2: *laughter*

It was deleted. While I see that the one laughing isn't your classic evil madman, the way it's delivered is clearly as your classic evil laughter, furthermore, it's delivered by the "villain". So there, if people agree with me we should reinstate it, it's a nice and rather unconventional example. Cheers!
01:07:48 AM Sep 2nd 2010
I think it would be a fine example if you wrote out the phonetics of the laughter or better yet a link to a video so anyone can hear how it sounds.
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