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02:10:33 PM May 14th 2011
edited by Iqbal
The Image looks more like an old man then in Albino and also it should have Red Eyes
09:21:23 PM Jul 26th 2011
Not all albinos have red eyes, well humans mostly, animals are the ones with red eyes, but I get the point. Sides, red eyes would be cool.
03:14:46 AM Mar 29th 2012
Humans with albinism almost never have red eyes. Blue is far more common. The character in the photo doesn't look albino though because his skin is too dark, he's quite obviously sporting peroxided hair too. That's pretty much to be expected though because aside from always giving villain roles to people with albinism, Hollywood doesn't really hire actors with actual disabilities so they just resort to a kind of reverse-blackface instead. Fitting that a trope that exemplifies lazy writing should suffer from lazy casting as well.
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