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08:18:40 AM Apr 27th 2018
Here is an example I removed:
  • Teen Titans, in general, was not too bad an offender, but the page quote comes from "Episode 257-494" (season four, episode one) parodies this: In addition to the above quote, if you pay close attention you'll notice everyone starts laughing but the Titans almost immediately stop and look somewhat worried while the Laugh Track continues for about an extra second.
    • Particularly awful when the really serious episodes end this way. It basically says "Hey, we just went through hell but somehow we made everything okay! Let's just ignore the awful seriousness of this and laugh! Ha ha ha!" The episode The End is an exceptionally bad case.
It seemed a bit work-bashing and I would edit it to be less so but I don't know much about the show. If someone else could put the example in but less work-bashy it would be much appreciated.
06:50:47 PM Apr 5th 2011
Star Trek TOS: Day of the Dove has one of these... because the malovent alien on the ship was feeding off hatred and they were getting rid of it by generating as much "good spirits" as possible. I feel like that's some form of playing with the trope, but I can't figure out what...
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