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07:31:56 AM Oct 20th 2015
I'd just like to know if the name is supposed to be in french... Because if it is, then we have a glaring grammatical error. Makes me cringe every time. Not that those three words actually make much sense anyway... But it *really* makes me cringe.

So if someone could take three minutes to tell me I'm wrong and it's on purpose, and it means something completely different, and I'm an idiot, that'd be cool. Seriously.
09:56:53 AM Oct 20th 2015
edited by MrDeath
It's Latin, from Shakespeare's version of Julius Caesar's assassination when, among others, his friend Brutus betrayed him. Check under the Theater folder.
04:18:16 AM Oct 30th 2015
Okay, thanks, I can breathe. Maybe we could add the trope namer somewhere, though, it's kind of confusing.
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