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11:17:38 PM Oct 22nd 2013
How is this trope any different from Single-Issue Psychology?
01:46:40 PM Oct 23rd 2013
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I hate when such similar tropes don't even link to each other, let alone explain how they're related.

I think they are different, although I wonder how important the distinction is. Single-Issue Psychology can exist in someone who never receives Epiphany Therapy, and a lot of examples of Epiphany Therapy seem to involve subversions and parodies involving people who don't have Single-Issue Psychology. Also, I think SIP is more to do with problems being neatly encapsulated, while ET is about them being easily-cured; they're related, but not identical inaccurate portrayals of psychology.
03:58:34 AM Aug 18th 2011
In Nell, the title character's fear of male sexuality can be cured instantly by going skinnydipping with Liam Neeson. It makes a bit more sense in context, but not much.

  • Hey nowóLiam Neeson!
  • Let's be clear: she doesn't just have a phobia, she's the mentally handicapped daughter of a rape victim.

I would strongly dispute that Nell is mentally handicapped. Her mother, a stroke survivor, raised her in isolation, so Nell learned to speak English in the slurred manner her mother spoke it. She definitely had emotional problems inflicted by her upbringing and her twin sister's death. She hadn't had much chance to learn or have experience. But I see nothing to suggest there was anything wrong with her intelligence. In fact, she is portrayed as being wiser and more perceptive, perhaps, than her circumstances make plausible. She's definitely an example of "ignorance equals virtue," if there's a trope for that. But retarded?
02:07:53 PM Jun 22nd 2011
On this page it says Gaara from Naruto "was forced to kill his uncle, the only person to show him sympathy (which was just an act)". Wasn't that his aunt?
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