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03:30:44 PM Apr 1st 2014
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I know that people would lambaste Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto for this trope, but I think that Homura from Madoka Magica is an Emo Anime character, too, even though I've only watched Naruto. And while he just wears dark blue up until Shippuden, she wears stereotypical Emo colors like black and purple!
05:54:53 PM Oct 4th 2014
like Berserk abridged said: Guts:"No, I think he told me that I'm Naruto and you are Sasuke" Griffith:"Wait, how can I be the emo freak? (referring to Sasuke) You're like eight times more emo than I am." Guts has a LOT to be depressed, and he's shown crying and being depressed. And can you blame him? No.
03:02:17 PM Jul 5th 2011
(I'm just copy-pasting what I wrote on the Emo Teen discussion page, because I dislike this for exactly the same reason.)

Why do we have this? It's not a useful notes page, so it doesn't provide actual information on the subculture, but there's no examples, so it doesn't provide information on how it's used in fiction. It's just one big creul and insensitive Take That against anyone who wears black and has even the slightest problem. Seriously, they hear enough of this kind of crap in real life. Can we cut, or at least fix, this?
02:26:27 AM Sep 5th 2011
I agree. The music page is fine, and SHOULD be the main page. This "main" page is bullshit and should be deleted.
07:56:35 AM Apr 10th 2013
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Agreed. I would very much like to make my own edits. I'm just new and not sure how (or even if it's permitted) yet.

The general definition of "Emo" found both here and on the "Emo Teen" page is based heavily in "Cowboy Bebop At His Computer". In other words, the mass misappropriation of the term "emo" in an uninformed media (and by extension, public). As a Trope I can accept that the term "emo" could be useful in defining certain traits found in fictional characters. The irritation I feel at the current page is, however, the same I have with the throw-away, dismissive manner in which "emo" is misused these days.

"Emo" is only seen as affected behaviour by today's shallow and uninformed standards. When the term began to be applied to young people of a certain subcultural persuasion, it was defined by them possessing a higher degree of inner conflict, insecurity, sensitivity, angst, and introspection than is considered socially "normal", and their attraction to music that expressed that (hence them taking the name "emo" from the music). "Emo" never inherently implied such behaviour was feigned. Of course to the outside it may look "Wangsty", sometimes legitimately, sometimes due to the "No Sympathy" trope and general insensitivity and intolerance to other people's dispositions. But this current assumption that "emo" is the very definition of people POSING as "emos" shows considerable ignorance.

I accept that for the uninformed majority "emo" is applied this way, and thus may be a useful trope in describing overly self-involved, self-pitying characters. But the pages need to be more informed. It would do well to expand the information on the page to give some history of the term, the subculture, and the fact that "emo" has undergone gross "Flanderization" and has been subjected to "Cowboy Bebop At His Computer". It's a Strawman.

To say that "emo" is purely an insincere image thing shows no understanding of its history or genuine, pre-commercialised subculture. It's not appropriate to have such a Strawman definition.
03:59:35 PM Apr 10th 2013
I've had a bash at presenting a more contextualised, balanced outlook on the "emo" subculture, as it pertains to personality. Page is edited.
05:56:01 PM Apr 28th 2013
Yes, the Music Page is perfect (well, almost.) I'm gonna work on this page a bit more. The fact is, it's supposed to be a Trope for characterization, and thus should be useful to anyone looking to use "emo" as a point of characterization. My current update is a bit too descriptive of the subculture and history, but the previous article was a horrible misconception of the subculture based on ignorance.

I'm gonna try and condense it to be more about characterization. I won't ignore the "Fake Emo" definition, but it needs to be put in context.
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