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06:56:38 PM Jul 29th 2017
As noted under "Jokes", raising an error when a user picks a password already being used by somebody else is an amazingly bad security practice - in many cases. Just to note, the alternative - allowing more than one account to use the same password, is also an amazingly bad security practice - in many cases. Although the ways this gets exploited are less obvious (nor is it always easy to look at a setup and correctly judge which way will turn out to have been less risky in practice), so it's harder to make jokes about them.
08:18:41 AM May 4th 2015
Deliberately invoked in a spy parody (?!?) when they set the password to "Kiss Me Quick" (of course the hot chick always gets kissed when she utters the phrase). Slap me with a trout but I can't recall the title. Or google it, for that matter.
04:34:28 PM May 4th 2015
You might ask here
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