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03:18:30 AM Feb 26th 2013
For the record how do you define a dude? According to Creature SH, if one day a dude decides that he is sick of being a dude for sum reason or another then his not a dude. Itís just that simple.

This reminds me of Obelix, from the Asterix, comics. You know that guy who was not fat at all. Though you mite think Obelix, is as fat as hell just remember he always said: IíM NOT FAT!!! And then he would throw someone through a wallÖ

OK that was a bit off topic. Moving along should I avoid adding people with Y chromosomes who donít like it when you call them dudes?
08:19:19 PM May 20th 2013
If that's the way they look naturally then I would still ad them. If they have gotten a sex change then I don't know.

For example even if Zinnia Jones, didnít decide to start cross-dressing he would still be naturally androgynous. And if a dude is naturally androgynous I think we should ad them even if they donít like being a dude.

But I can understand not adding Risque Vania, because thatís shore as hell not all natural. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
08:56:10 PM May 20th 2013
Never mind it looks like the main page has been updated.

Dude Looks Like a Lady. Not to be confused with: Transsexual (when the "dude" identifies as a girl and is trying to pass as one)

Though I still disagree if the dude happened to already look like a lady before they started trying to pass as one.
11:24:40 AM Apr 23rd 2012
Since Aoi may be a female-to-male trans person, I'm putting him here just in case so we can decide what to do:

  • Aoi from You're Under Arrest!. Even when his new coworkers try to dress him in male outfits during his first appearance, they feel he still comes off too feminine.
11:01:29 AM May 27th 2012
Aoi is the opposite of Guy in SheZow who is only in female clothes when fighting crime. Video here
08:18:28 PM Apr 2nd 2012
Also, Twilight Princess Link is listed here. Shouldn't he be counted more as a Bishonen? I mean, no one in the game actually says he looks like a lady... Just asking because I was thinking about moving it, but I don't want to move it if I'm just getting mixed up.
10:18:00 AM Feb 19th 2012
It just bugs me how I see people mixing up this trope with Viewer Gender Confusion, even though it says right on this page not to do so.
05:55:43 PM Sep 6th 2011
Elliot from Dead or Alive seems to be very girlish. [Aside from looking a lot like Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter]

And, somebody please fix the punctuation in the line where strider hien is mentioned.
12:27:42 PM Jul 4th 2011
There's a "No transsexuals" warning on the Bifauxen page..

Should we list that here? I've noticed a few transgendered characters called this.
09:48:55 AM Nov 1st 2010
edited by CrazedNinja
Just curious: Why does Trap redirect to this trope, rather than to Dropped a Bridget on Him or even Wholesome Crossdresser?
06:32:41 AM Jun 17th 2010
Change picture to Hideyoshi?
03:22:04 AM Feb 26th 2013
12:29:48 AM May 19th 2010
Could someone tell me where did the major spoilers for Get Backers come from since the scanlation is only up to volume 30?
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