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05:36:54 PM Mar 15th 2016
edited by Aubri
When a product uses "XXX" because it's porn (or in reference to the porn usage of XXX) I don't think this trope should apply. It's more of a pun in that case — the "XXX" does not exist solely because it's cool, but to suggest the lurid nature of the product.

The offending examples in this case are XXXenophile, Mad Moxxxie, XXXtreme Motorsport, and possibly Speakerboxxx.

I'll grant that "XXX" in its original usage — implying that a movie is so filthy it was rated worse than X — is indeed an example of this trope, however.
02:23:54 PM Mar 17th 2016
Seems like something for YKTTW. XX Xfilthy or so.
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