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04:23:57 PM May 27th 2015
So, would any of you consider the current state of game shows as being in the most severe Dork Age the medium has ever seen?
12:48:32 AM Oct 1st 2013
Someone. Anyone. Please sort out the video game section. Even with the unfortunately loose definition of this trope, its become a lot of complaining about things you don't like. I don't know enough about most of it, but to be a dork age, as I understand it, some sort of change in direction needs to happen. A couple of bad games does not a dork age make. I just don't know enough to know which is which.
11:38:22 AM Feb 24th 2012
this is offensive an totally subjetive. Even the "dork" age tite implies mockery. This comics may not be perfect, but, hell, none of them are
03:51:26 PM Sep 25th 2011
There is nothing wrong with the way the current Oz entry is written. However, I still want to save the original version here:
  • Oz, the terse, taut HBO drama about, shanking, prison rape and the impossibility of redemption, started off mightily strong for its first few seasons, kickstarted a few careers and got a lot of attention... and then, following the murder of Big Bad Simon Adebisi completely ran out of ideas and floundered pathetically for its final two seasons, going through all the horrible motions of the Dance of the Dying TV Show. New characters were introduced only to be unceremoniously murdered and forgotten, relationships sparked up and died out as abruptly and obnoxiously as a loud fart in a quiet church, characters were wildly derailed, carefully crafted storylines were trashed and hurled away until the show's fans were almost begging for the poor show to be put down. And then, in the midst of this Seasonal Rot, the program completely lost its shit and tipped itself headfirst into a raging Dork Age like none of us had ever dreamed possible. What could be worse than the aforementioned Rot, you ask? Wee-elll, there was the short-lived storyline where one character was used as a medical guinea pig and given drugs that caused him to rapidly age and become an old man. Yes, friends, the taut prison drama about forced mansex and shivs made out of toothbrushes had so badly run out of ideas, they introduced a storyline featuring magic aging pills. Whatever drugs caused this nonsense either wore off or all the writers got arrested or something, because next episode this hilarious nonsense was Handwaved out of existence (and magically undone WITH MAGIC) so hard and so fast it created a vacuum that sucked the show right off of the air.
06:00:22 AM Jul 22nd 2011

It's probably at least a partial Repair, Don't Respond, but that still leaves it in quite a mess.
06:52:11 PM Apr 22nd 2011
Linkin Park, circa the album that What I've Done comes from (and for that matter, anyone famous who released something that year in a mad pandering-to-common-denominator-audiences cash scramble, thus alienating their fans, it seemed).
10:49:40 PM Mar 17th 2011
"The first Pirates of the Caribbean film was a relatively sensible story with minor supernatural elements and subtle humour. Then Dead Man's Chest comes along and all of a sudden we have an Evil Corporation, giant sea monster, deals with the devil, sea gods etc. And of course loads of slapstick comedy was added in with facepalming results. At World's End was a bit better though."

This isn't exactly making a great case for "Dork Age"; it seems to be simply listing elements of the second movie with very little explanation as to why they're bad. Is it really self-explanatory that adding a sea monster to a semi-cartoonish Disney movie about pirates is a no-no? Further, all of these persist into the third movie, though it is being called "a bit better" here. Methinks we haven't pinpointed the variable that makes you happy.

And frankly, comparing the first movie's "subtle humor" to the second one's "facepalming slapstick" makes me think that somebody didn't watch the first movie too intently. Honestly, go watch the first movie and just count the number of times people get smacked in the head.

I'll admit that I'm a big fan of the movies, but I do have to say that I have yet to encounter anyone with complaints about the sequels that don't ultimately amount to "ew, it's a sequel! It has sequel cooties!" I can acknowledge when somebody makes a good point against movies that I like, but I hope in this instance I've made a logical enough case to justify taking this particular entry down for now.
09:00:41 AM Mar 14th 2011
Hey. big fan of the site. no idea how to edit. just wanted to chime in in case anybody want to add this under "real life" examples... gibson guitars have been in a mega-retarded dark age for the last ten years. All of their new guitar designs have been lame novelties, and in general their branding has gone from advertising to real artists to 40-year old suburban dads having a midlife crisis. No real musician I know would be caught dead playing a Gibson guitar. If they want a vintage sound, they go for Fender or Epiphone, if they want modern sounds, the go for Ibanez, Schecter, or a custom luthiered guitar. Look at the "robot" guitar, or the Firebird X and tell me it isn't as dork age as 300 Wolverine clones attacking a pouch factory.
07:36:39 AM Nov 30th 2010
Granted, I'm not familiar with all the examples, but many of the Music examples seem more like one-album 'change of pace' stuff rather than an attempt by the artist to change their style permanently. I'm not sure they fit this trope.

Occasionally, artists will do something different, just for one album, as a change of pace. Even "Weird Al" Yankovic has done so, with the 'Peter and the Wolf' album. It was not an attempt to change from parodying and style-parodying recent work to parodying classical music, it was just a change of pace.

And maybe some of the examples in the Music section are really just changes of pace that were never intended to stick. They have to be considered on a case-by-case basis, and those that were never intended to stick should be removed.

Really, Dork Age is about a failed attempt to stay fresh. The people involved make a change, and after the change receives some negative backlash, they stop doing the failed new thing and, in many cases, go back to doing what they do best.
05:08:31 AM Sep 17th 2010
Does anyone consider the current Grounded arc in Superman a Dork Age? It's not even finished yet and it's here? The fact that this is an ARC as far as I know and it being treated as an editorial mandate notwithstanding.
09:05:27 PM Jul 24th 2010
edited by
Huh. Did I misread something? Ignore, I'm sleep-deprived.
03:36:32 PM Jul 20th 2010
Would Endless Eight count as an example?
04:34:55 PM Jul 20th 2010
Depends on fan response

And by teh looks of it, fan response really makes it clear that EE is not very popular.
01:08:28 PM May 28th 2010
There is absolutely no way a Game Boy Color link cable can connect to Game Boy Advance software. None. That's completely out of the Pokémon developers' hands.
09:58:07 PM Apr 30th 2010
edited by Crowbar
Tentatively removing this:

  • The fifth season of The West Wing, while handicapped from the beginning by Aaron Sorkin writing the plot into a corner before leaving, is rarely spoken of by fans aside from an excellent episode involving the Supreme Court. Things got back to the usual quality the next season before a truly outstanding final season.
    •, things did not. Sorry, but this point doesn't even allow a Your Mileage May Vary. No one who understands the concept of quality and has seen both a Sorkin episode and a post-Sorkin episode could say that season six returned the show to its usual standards. The West Wing remained far, far below Sorkin-era quality for its last three seasons. However, the question of whether seasons six and seven still qualified as "good" despite the quality drop can be discussed.

Because the Justifying Edit makes it an intensely ugly entry. I don't actually watch The West Wing, so I have no idea who's right here. Decided it would be best to move everything here. If there's someone there who has watched the show and knows whether or not the fifth season is actually a Dork Age (thereby solving this whole debacle), that'd be great.
11:45:19 AM May 1st 2010
edited by SomeGuy
Forget tentative. If you see arguments like this main page, you need feel no compunction about deleting.
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