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02:53:15 AM Aug 2nd 2012
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This image really doesn't work. It's Doppelgänger Attack not Doppelganger Cheating. Laconic: Using clones for attack or defence. Naruto's just using them to be a cheating bastard.

Seriously, this pic is Me's a Crowd, not Doppelgänger Attack. Change it.
11:15:21 PM Mar 3rd 2010
Tomato Kirby: Does the Dimentio picture really belong here? His clones are of the false type and do not fit this trope. If we have another picture, I suggest a replacement.
07:47:03 AM Mar 4th 2010
You can suggest a new picture in the Image Pickin' forum, but pretty much any picture with doppelgangers will look like it fits, unless we can find one where two or more clones are actually hitting someone.
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