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05:37:43 PM Aug 30th 2010
Doom vs Fate Meh. My books are all packed away pending house-move, so I can't check this. I'm sure that Tolkien (or possibly Tom Shippey) discusses the difference between doom and fate. The essence of the discussion is that doom means "that which shall be written" (i.e. is a consequence of your actions), whereas fate is "that which has been written" (i.e. is where you're going to end up, regardless of your actions). If anyone can find a reference to what I'm talking about, feel free. Otherwise, I'll come back here when I've moved and unpacked. Probably 2039.
05:55:09 PM Mar 28th 2012
"Caution and clear diction must be applied when verbally calling this trope, lest Unfortunate Implications ensue." I don't get it. What is this referring to?
06:17:09 PM Jun 3rd 2012
^ This. What does that even mean? I spent minutes repeating the trope title over and over, slurring it and mangling it and shifting accents until I hit something offensive and couldn't come up with anything.
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