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03:15:45 PM Apr 3rd 2010
Launched from a YKTTW. Primarily Video Games, would like to see more Tabletop Games examples in particular.

Possibly Needs a Better Name. Alternative names suggested in the YKTTW include Pillage Before Burning , Inconvenient Incineration as well as the launched title, Disadvantageous Disintegration. Thoughts and examples needed. Feel free to put up on a Crowner for rename ideas (I'm not sure how to).
05:34:54 PM Apr 3rd 2010
Here you go. The crowner format is pretty simple. If you want to make a new one under Alternative Titles just take the link I just gave you and replace "disadvantageous disintegration" with whatever title you're trying to replace. And feel free to make crowners in YKTTW if you're not sure what to call a trope.
05:55:26 PM Apr 3rd 2010
Thanks. I'll check it out.
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