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01:23:00 AM Mar 14th 2013
edited by BDNeon
Is a trope really "discredited" when it has turned out to mostly be true? After the end of the Cold War, the unearthing of old shames that had been suppressed by the communists like the Massacre of Katyn, mass-executions of the Cossacks after the Betrayal of Lienz (Remember Goldeneye?), and right off the freaking bat with the cold blooded murder of the Romanov Royal Family had shown the true face of the Communists. I'd say "Trope Validated".
04:10:44 PM Oct 4th 2015
The Romanovs were no saints themselves. Every ideology has its own dark side that has been suppressed one way or another (the United States for example doesn't exactly have a clean slate), which is why the anti capitalist tropes of Corrupt Corporate Executive and the numerous anti fascist tropes exist.
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