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02:03:42 PM Feb 11th 2012
edited by EmmaWoodhouse18
The description here is poorly-written and incredibly vague. I can't for the life of me figure out what makes this trope different from the general Acceptable Targets category, or why it needs its own page.
02:52:16 AM Feb 12th 2012
The difference is that this is for in-universe examples, while the Acceptable Targets pages is a wiki schizophrenia mess of statements on how cretain groups are unfairly targeted or ought to be targeted.

Added clarification to the description.
12:05:09 PM Feb 14th 2012
edited by EmmaWoodhouse18
But what makes groups Acceptable Targets is already about how they're portrayed in-universe - as a punchline or a villain rather than more respectfully. Audiences can still react negatively to, say, a transgender character who is portrayed completely sympathetically. That doesn't change the fact that it is a sympathetic portrayal rather than a case of Acceptable Targets.

In short, I still think it needs some better explanation for what makes it different from the super-trope. The best indication I can find about what makes this trope different is from the media examples - basically, it seems to be a Conversed version of Acceptable Targets - but that shouldn't have to be inferred like that, and there should also be more than two examples for this to deserve its own trope page.
01:47:12 AM Feb 15th 2012
Sorry, no: The Acceptable Targets pages are listed as YMMV, and for good reason.

The Acceptable Sexual Targets page is about to get cut (voting going on in TRS right now, and leaning towards cutting the page) because that page doesn't even have ONE valid in-universe example. The works examples listed there are simply "sexual and gender minorities being portrayed, period", not "sexual and gender minorities being portrayed as groups that are acceptable targets".

The other Acceptable Targets pages doesn't seem to be in much (or even any) better shape.
04:52:08 PM Jun 28th 2011
The YKTTW is marked as "launched". Guess someone discarded it, but it's not on the list of recently discarded threads. People who discard threads started by other people should really send a mail to the sponsor about it. :-/

Anyway, here it is.
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