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09:40:17 PM May 31st 2017
Can we turn the folders into their own pages with links?
07:35:15 AM Mar 31st 2017
The Steven Universe entry in Western Animation looks like extremely unprofessional complaining and something that belongs in YMMV. I know that a lot of Reddit users have this "uh lapis has no personality" mentality, but I don't think that what the entry says about Lapis is in any way objective or cut-clear. I've seen lenghty posts advocating tha Lapis' chracater is well writen, after all.
11:20:32 AM Feb 21st 2013
We no longer use "Type X" as example format here. Please edit this entry to remove said format.
  • Conan the Barbarian is always an Anti-Hero, but what kind of anti hero very much depends on the Author. Howard himself wrote him mostly as a Type IV, subsequent authors as anywhere from Type II to Type V, the Marvel Comics mostly as a Type II and the Movies as a Type III while the cartoon Conan The Adventurer had him as a straight hero.
03:51:18 PM Nov 19th 2011
In the Exalted entry: "Word Of God has since cleared up what the creators intended to get across, but it's still a hotly-debated subject. " Shouldn't we say what that actually was? I know we have a "don't complain about it- edit" policy, but I (obviously) don't know what "it" ended up being. So I'd be grateful (in the very limited internet way) if someone could fill it in. Thank you.
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