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08:40:59 AM Jan 4th 2013
Why is there, under the Harry Potter Literature entry, a subpoint about a fanfic? Moving it to the Fanfic area.
12:02:47 AM Jan 23rd 2014
  • Daria: Principal Miss. Angela Li of Lawndale High School.

Reason: Ms. Li of Lawndale High, A highly self-centered, paranoid, and scheming dictator of an administrator, Shes the closest thing that Daria has to evil & fascist. She often puts the interest and financial needs of the school before her actual students and teachers, usually to sponsor security measures like drug-sniffing dogs and electric fences. The real danger for Daria & Jane all started when Lawndale High was holding a contest where entrants would create health & safety posters. Ms. Li was unsatisfied with Daria & Jane's dark deadpan/sarcastic health & safety poster. When the girls refused to change the text on the poster including taking part in the contest, Miss Li made their participation in the art contest mandatory. To make matters more worse, Ms. Li did the unthinkable by banning snacks in school, all because students have abused their privileges.