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12:28:28 AM Apr 7th 2013
The trope image actually is a bit of a play on words. He's missing his hands, thus a cripple; and has the swords, his specialization.
03:33:18 AM Oct 31st 2013
Still seems like Just a Face and a Caption.
05:38:32 AM Oct 31st 2013
I don't think Just a Face and a Caption means what you think it does.
09:56:53 AM Feb 25th 2013
Not sure if this really requires to create a topicfor it, but I'd like to add a mention to the "Atlas Strongest Tournament" entry. Noting that this is also a Critical Research Failure as diamond contrarily to its image of being impervious to anything has low ignition and melting temperatures. Lower, at least than many most commonly used metals.

It would be good not to teach people bad physics.
02:07:59 PM Dec 16th 2011
edited by pittsburghmuggle
Just suggesting a page quote change:

"He who is skilled with a hammer thinks everything is a nail."

Is a much more general quote. May not quite fit, though - just tossing in my two cents.
03:13:23 PM Nov 15th 2010
edited by Altimadark
The entry for Neanderthals states that they may have died out due to being overly specialized to ice age condition, further arguments not withstanding.

I've also heard it that modern man won out because they developed trade — which, in turn, promotes individual specialization. Yes, they were bigger and (supposedly) smarter than we were, but they all focused on being Marios. Thus, they lost out because we became more specialized as individuals, but more diverse as a group — making our species The Mario and theirs the Master of None. How does that fit in to Crippling Overspecialization? Would neanderthals have been overspecialized as subsistence hunters, or something?
03:16:42 PM Mar 21st 2010
On the subject of the illithids: they suck just as badly against golems as they do against the undead, right? And they have trouble with hydras and other multiple-headed monsters, don't they? This might be a more genuine case of Crippling Overspecialization than it sounds.
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