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08:12:54 PM Sep 19th 2016
Let's discuss this...

    Pro Wrestling 
  • The modern WWE is built on this trope. It would be hard to find a single episode that doesn't mine public humiliation, sociopolitical hypocrisy, or outright batty extremism for all the humor they're worth. People being forced to kiss naked butts, people getting covered with peepee or poop, cross-dressing, paraphilias, outright blasphemy (more wrestlers than one could count have explicitly compared themselves to God), acts of assault that would land real people in the slammer for decades, promos that are so over-the-top ridiculous that you look forward to them week after week, and generally truckloads of childish and/or insane behavior played out as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Not for nothing is pro wrestling considered the post-WWII version of the circus.

Um.. yah, this isn't the modern WWE and it's pretty clear this was wirtten by someone who doesn't even like the WWE. This is the "ruthless aggression" Era.. which ended 7 years ago.
11:42:39 PM May 16th 2014
"Comedy you have to watch through the gaps between your fingers."

I did not realize I wasn't the only one that did this. Complete with the theatre reaction from Elyandarin's post.
11:00:04 AM Dec 5th 2011
I think this trope is playing the "I can't watch this without hiding behind the couch" reaction a little too strongly, as if this trope automatically makes the comedy unfunny and painful. I think cringe comedies are funny because they're so embarrassing and it feels good to laugh at it.
04:12:38 PM Nov 16th 2011
I can't be in the same room when one of these play. As documented.
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