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01:09:16 AM Jun 10th 2012
No real life examples, so no mention of Wesboro Baptist Church then? Come on, the only people who don't think those guys are royally fucked-up examples of mankind are the members themselves. The Ku Klux Klan doesn't even want anything to do with them!
02:09:14 AM Jun 10th 2012
No. No mention of Westboro Baptist Church. Their page is in the Permanent Red Link Club for a reason.
10:47:51 PM Jun 25th 2015
Faithful Word Baptist Church in Arizona is another church I've heard about that follows similar teachings to the WBC, except not nearly as militant.
02:08:27 PM Sep 6th 2010
Pulled these:
  • Brother Blood's Church of Blood.
  • Intergang's Religion of Crime.
Because they're Religions Of Evil from the get go, whereas this trope seems to be more "When Good Religions Go Bad!"
10:31:27 AM Sep 11th 2010
where can a get that cthulhu picture in a bigger format?
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